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    Handy Tips
Starting your fire

These days we recommend using a Firelighter product.

Lay approximately 6 pieces of kindling in a line approx. 25mm apart & then add three more rows on top each laying across the lower row in the opposite direction to form a pyre. Add a couple of firelighters at the bottom & light.

Do not disturb until the kindling has formed red embers, then, without flattening the fire, introduce more pieces of kindling and some small pieces of firewood.

Add larger pieces gradually - don't smother it!

Common problems - firewood won't light
  1. Don't smother the fire with timber - add small pieces gradually.
  2. Clean out the ash box leaving approx. 10mm of ash.
  3. A grate on the floor of the fireplace will increase draft.
  4. Timber is wet or green - ensure wood is dry.
Fire not throwing out sufficient heat
  1. You may be using pieces of firewood that are too big.
  2. If a Victorian type grate, try adding some coal or briquettes


The fireplace is smoking
(smoke not drawing up chimney but into room)
  1. The chimney needs cleaning - call a chimney sweep or depending on the type of chimney it can be a simple do-it-yourself job.
  2. The floor of the fireplace may be too low relative to the dimensions of the opening. An additional row of bricks on the floor of the hearth may stop fireplace smoking.
Slow combustion heater doesn't stay alight all night
  1. Before turning the air draft mechanism down, allow 15 minutes for the wood to catch properly.
  2. Fill firebox fully with firewood.
  3. Check that the door seal or baffle is not faulty, which would allow excess draft.
General information
The environment is everyone's concern, however, much misinformation is circulated regarding firewood. Next time you have a fire, enjoy it fully knowing that:
  1. Firewood is not a fossil fuel - it emits the same amount of greenhouse gases whether burnt or left to rot on the forest floor, unlike gas & electricity which are fossil fuels.
  2. Firewood is self-regenerating from trees and 100% renewable unlike gas & electricity.
Small Crate
holds 0.9 cubic metres of firewood
Large Crate
holds 1.4 cubic metres of firewood
Seasoned Mixed Hardwoods
Yellow Box
Red Gum
40kg Firewood bag
(cut to 30cm length)
30kg Firewood bag
(cut to 27cm length)
20kg Firewood bag
(cut to 25cm length)
10kg Kindling
40kg Cobble Coal
30kg Coke
(25mm x 10mm)
20kg Heat-a-Brix Briquettes